Review of the gambling addiction client workbook, 2nd edition


Reviews the book The gambling addiction client workbook, 2nd edition by Robert R. Perkinson (2011). This workbook is aimed at people who gamble excessively and who are currently attending a group program run at the Keystone Treatment Center. The worksheets, however, are sufficiently generic to be used with clients currently attending any Gambler's Anonymous (GA) or 12-step gambling treatment group. The workbook is not intended as a treatment guide, or even as a self-help book; the text states that the client should not use this book without the guidance of a counselor. The purpose of the book seems to be to facilitate a client's progress in a 12-step group program for excessive gambling. This workbook could be useful to clinicians committed to working with clients in a 12-step approach to treating excessive gambling. For those without such a commitment, however, other published client workbooks that utilise an evidence-based approach to treatment and include more thorough treatment sections on the thoughts and behaviours known to play a role in the aetiology and maintenance of gambling, as well as self-management skills, are likely to be more useful. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2013 APA, all rights reserved)

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