Risks of developing internet addictive behaviors: Scope and extent of internet sites used


It is elucidated that the development of Internet addiction includes three main factors. Those are 1) factors of the individual, 2) factors of the environment and 3) factors of the drug resp. behaviour. Those are related to a different kind of Internet application use and motivational state such as (I) gaming. (II) social networking. (Ill) gambling, and (IV) distraction. These indicated aspects are going to be linked and this elaboration is especially focusing on the scope and extent of the Internet applications that are used for each emphasis of use. Overall here the intersection of the indicated use of applications is tackled in relation to addictive factors. Media convergence and its advantages is discussed critically in context of Internet applications and broader opportunities for activities such as streaming and playing games offered from platforms including enormous social components via smartphone. In this context the social networking component of online games is depicted, indicating that a successful gamer has the subliminal quest for socializing. The elaborated aspects are finally discussed and set into context to recent research and literature. The current lack of knowledge about different applications that lead to Internet addictive behavior are circumscribed, relating to empirical evidence and solutions are discussed.

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