Schools omnibus 2007 (wave 13): A research study among 11-16 year olds


AIMS: To gather information regarding school pupils' perceptions, experiences and habits regarding the Internet, and online gambling. Specifically, to cover the following issues: patterns of past-week internet use; preferred websites and online activities including online spending; parental monitoring of internet use; rates and spending on past-week gambling; and rates, reasons and methods of using the National Lottery website. METHOD: 2007 omnibus survey of 2,415 11-16 year old secondary-school pupils, drawn from 300 middle and secondary state schools in England and Wales, using self-completion questionnaires. FINDINGS: 88% of young people have used the Internet outside lesson time in the past week, spending on average four and a half hours per week. Chatting to friends is the clear favourite use of internet time (preferred by 59%). 67% have some experience of shopping online using either their own or someone else's money, 52% have spent some of their own money online. 22% of young people took part in some form of gambling in the past week, 11% engaged in private bets between friends, 8% have played a fruit machine, 5% played Lotto and 4% scratchcards. Of those that played and reported an amount, the average spend on Lotto in the last week is £6.83.

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