Secondary analysis of machines data: Summary


A consortium of NatCen Social Research, Featurespace, Geofutures and RTI International conducted the Responsible Gambling Trust’s (RGT) Machines Research Programme in 2014. The research detailed data on player activity, gathered by gambling machines across the United Kingdom. An additional data set used was based on 4,000 players who took part in the survey from the Gambling Machines research project funded by the RGT in 2014. The survey contained all 9 questions from the Problem Gambling Severity Index, which labelled each player as a ‘problem’ or ‘non-problem’ gambler. The aim was to identify features and aspects of behaviour that are typical of problem gamblers. These features can be used as ‘markers of harm’ for identifying players. The secondary analysis research was commissioned by the Responsible Gambling Trust to reuse the data asset that was created in the initial project to answer specific questions identified by the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board. Featurespace was responsible for answering four of these questions. Our findings are provided below.

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