Social and economic impacts of gambling in New Zealand


The aim of this study is to provide independent information on the private and public costs and benefits of gaming (both social and economic) in New Zealand. This information will assist the Department of Internal Affairs to assess the public and private impacts (both social and economic) of gaming in New Zealand assist the Department of Internal Affairs to advise the Minister on a range of policy issues relating to the public and private impacts of gaming (both social and economic) in New Zealand; and assist in the development of gambling impact assessment policy as part of the New Zealand government's overall approach to gaming. the research draws upon an expansive collection of existing resources concerning gambling impact assessments in New Zealand and elsewhere. A literature review presents background social and economic information on New Zealand and on relevant gambling issues identified in the tender objectives (5.1). This includes development of a profile of the socio-economic composition of the population, the types and availability of gambling venues and products, the regulatory structures relating to gambling in New Zealand, patterns of gambling participation and social and economic impacts that have been identified in previous studies. This information provides background details as to the unique nature of the New Zealand community and the various communities within New Zealand to assist with development of relevant issues for further analysis. The DIA decided to commission a consumer law specialist to complete the task indicated in the Terms of Reference to "analyse the extent to which New Zealand's existing consumer protection legislation and/or financial market regulatory regimes might be workable when applied to gaming". To assist the DIA and the legal consultant in that task, the AIGR contributed a Summary Paper outlining the main consumer protection developments in the Australian states.

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