Study of gambling services in the internal market of the European Union – Economic Study Part 1


The purpose of this analysis is to examine the current state of the major gambling services industries in the European Union (EU), and to comment on market and ownership structures in terms of their impacts and implications on the quality, quantity, price and availability of gambling services presently available to consumers within and beyond the EU. The Report discusses the size and economic dimensions of the major sectors of the gambling services industry among the Member States of the EU, and comments on and estimates the welfare implications of these circumstances. A number of alternative scenarios are developed which explore the implications of alterations in the regulatory and ownership regimes, noting how these might affect various welfare considerations in the context of EU consumers, EU Member State companies involved in the provision of gambling services, and overseas companies which might potentially offer gambling services to customers in the EU. Revenue distribution implications for Member State governments that rely on gaming services sectors to generate significant revenues for general fund revenues, "good causes," financial support for Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), or other quasi-governmental activities, are also examined.

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