Survey of participation in, and attitudes towards, gambling: Key findings from the 2004 NOP survey


Aims: DCMS commissioned National Opinion Polls (NOP) to conduct a short survey into gambling participation and some attitudes towards gambling.

Methods: A quota sample of 2,945 UK adults over 18 years of age were asked four questions between 5th and 17th February 2004 as part of the NOP Omnibus Survey.

Results: Since 1999 participation in most forms of gambling has not increased and may have declined. The exceptions are bingo, betting on events at bookmakers and betting on dog races. On balance, with the exceptions of lotteries and bingo, all forms of gambling are regarded unfavourably. Very few respondents support less strict control of gambling and in the cases of fruit machines and the internet greater strictness of control is strongly supported. These attitudes do not appear vary significantly with sex, income, age or socio-economic group.

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