Taming of the casino dragon


The Gambling Act 2005 reformed the gambling market with far-reaching implications for the market as a whole, and casino gambling in particular. A small survey was conducted in Swansea to review community perceptions of casinos in their locality. This paper examines the alleged benefits of gambling and to discuss the concern that the Gambling Act will be likely to harm those who are most deprived and vulnerable in society. This paper explores the advantages and disadvantages to the establishment of a casino and its perceived impacts on local families and communities. Issues such as fear of an increase in crime and increases in poverty, ill-health and family breakdown were all important to respondents and are discussed in this paper. In summary, the majority of all respondents had a negative attitude towards gambling, which reflects the findings of the British Gambling Prevalence Survey. During conversations it became evident that the respondents' attitudes towards the casino gambling were formed based on their perceptions and images of a casino and the gambling industry in general. A lot of respondents said that their perceptions of Internet gambling were predominantly based on the media reporting. Some of the respondents mentioned that their personal gambling experiences and observations had also shaped their opinions on the survey responses.

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