Taxing remote gambling on a place of consumption basis: Consultation on policy design


At Budget 2012, the Government announced that it would move to taxing remote gambling on a place of consumption basis. This announcement followed the Treasury’s review of the taxation of remote gambling in autumn 2011. As part of the review, the Government sought feedback from the industry on the principles of the reform. The consultation {“Taxing} remote gambling on a place of consumption basis: consultation on policy design” seeks comments on further details of the proposed design characteristics of the regime. The Government is interested in feedback from all stakeholders including operators, gambling software suppliers, advertisers of remote gambling services, trade bodies and all other stakeholders who have an interest in remote gambling taxation. The Government welcomes general views on the proposed policy design, and also seeks answers to some specific questions. It also welcomes comments on the summary of impacts provided in Chapter 5 of the document.

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