The general relationship between universal human values and adolescents’ problem/pathological gambling in Macao: A parsimonious, quantitative model


This study modeled the general relationship between individual Macao adolescents' universal human values, measured by the Schwartz Values Inventory, and their problem/pathological gambling, indicated by the South Oaks Gambling Screen, using parsimonious, quantitative structural equation modeling. Data were collected through 471 questionnaires (261 females and 210 males) in 2010. Of the 10 value types in the Schwartz Values Inventory and derived value subtypes, only the human value subtype "nonfaith tradition" was found to be (negatively) related to problem/pathological gambling in the model. The corresponding factor loading was -0.07 (p = .015). This study was supported by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, the Government of Macao.

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