The impact of CSR on casino employees’ organizational trust, job satisfaction, and customer orientation: An empirical examination of responsible gambling strategies


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has emerged as a critical philosophy and a strategy that affects both internal (i.e., employee) and external (i.e., customer) attitudes. The importance of CSR extends to the casino industry, especially when it pertains to compulsory and supplementary responsible gambling (RG) strategies. To this end, this study surveys casino employees in South Korea to examine the impact of CSR on casino employees' organizational trust, job satisfaction, and customer orientation. Results indicate that legal CSR and supplementary RG have a positive effect on organizational trust, whereas compulsory RG strategies have a negative effect on organizational trust. Also, it appears that organizational trust positively influences job satisfaction, which in turn has a positive effect on customer orientation. In building off of these findings, this study provides practical implications for casino managers when implementing CSR and RG strategies.

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