The National Lottery – UK – December 1999


Participation in the National Lottery, in any of its forms, is undertaken by almost five times as many people than any other single type of gambling. Over three-quarters of adults have played the National Lottery draw in the past two years. There have been growing moves to introduce the possibility of playing the National Lottery over the Internet. It cannot be denied that the National Lottery has fast become part of the nation's leisure culture. Although in 1999, sales have fallen, the UK National Lottery is now the world's biggest lottery in terms of gross revenue. The chance to reap large rewards from modest investment is still a very attractive proposition to the majority of UK consumers, and various attempts have been made to boost sales, with guaranteed jackpots and the introduction of the Thunderball draw. Although the National Lottery is an extremely strong brand, has its initial popularity boom subsided? Will it remain successful in the long-run, or will sales eventually plateau? The Leisure Intelligence National Lottery report seeks to answer these questions as well as providing an overview of the market.

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