The NZ vs the Reno Model – different approaches to public health and gambling


The Reno model is an attempt at setting the template for the world's public health approach to gambling. The New Zealand model of public health in gambling is different. It is a sociopolitical/community/population model, based on the principles (1) Harm+wellbeing considerations affecting communities, (2) Non-pathologised/quality of life/holistic perspective, (3) Poker machines/electronic gambling the main problem, (4) Community empowerment/capacity building is central, (5) Self-determination, (6) Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion +Treaty of Waitangi, (7) Equity and culturally based. Its central concern is the overall people and community impact. The Reno model on the other hand concentrates on responsible gambling and reducing or eliminating potential harms, whereby harms are understood to be diagnosable disorders and risk as frequency of playing. The Reno model targets 1-2% of the population who are pathological gamblers, and suggests professional care.

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