The social and economic impacts of gaming: A framework for research


The project had two research objectives. The first was the development of an analytical framework and associated indicators that would provide a model for the analysis and evaluation of the social and related economic impacts of gaming. The second objective was to critically analyse and evaluate the research projects in the 1998-99 Research Program of the Victorian Casino and Gaming Authority (the Authority) using the analytical framework developed. This report provides a comparative history of gambling in Australia. It focuses on the recent history of gambling in each jurisdiction and outlines the structure of specific gambling industries in these jurisdictions. Conclusion A review of the report if provided and future directions for research are identified. The analytic framework is seen as extending previous impact models particularly by identifying the four levels of analysis and including "cultural impacts" as a specific impact dimension. Concern is expressed about the problematic nature of gambling research because of the complexity of gambling impacts, lack of data, inadequate methods, imperfect models and questionable assumptions. Finally caution is advised in the uncritical transference of overseas research findings to the Australian environment.

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