The Socio-Economic Impact of Gambling (SEIG) framework: An Assessment framework for Canada: In search of the gold standard


In February 2008, CCSA, in cooperation with nine provincial organizations, released The Socio-Economic Impact of Gambling (SEIG) Framework, designed to guide policy makers and researchers in measuring and reporting on the social and economic costs and benefits of gambling in Canada. The growth of gambling in the early-1990s. has created a significant demand from governments, the gambling industry, community groups and the public for reliable information on the positive and negative consequences of gambling for Canadian individuals, families and communities. The SEIG Framework reflects the interdisciplinary and complex nature of gambling and takes a holistic and integrated systems approach to measuring impact. It uses the best and most relevant analytical tools to support the development of objective profiles of gambling’s impact. The SEIG Framework is designed as an open architecture, which means that it will evolve as it is used and as new information emerges. The interprovincial consortium plans to hold an international symposium in two years to review progress made to date, refine the Framework, and reach broad agreement on next steps.

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