Under 16s and the National Lottery: Tracking survey July 2000


This independent study was commissioned and administered by the National Lottery Commission. It was conducted by BMRB Social Research and the report was prepared by Jacinta Ashworth, Nicola Doyle and Nicholas Howat at BMRB. The survey was a repeat of a study in 1999 that was designed by Dr. Sue Fisher, Director of the Centre for Research into the Social Impact of Gambling in consultation with BMRB Social Research and the National Lottery Commission. Dr Fisher had also conducted a previous gambling study for the Commission in 1997 and parallels can be drawn with this survey too. The main aims of the research were to monitor trends in the level of participation in National Lottery games by 12-15 year olds and underage sales of National Lottery products. The prevalence of 'problem gambling' by under-16s on National Lottery scratchcards was also measured. A key aspect of the study was to compare findings with the previous study in 1999 and the Fisher (1997) survey, to assess the impact, if any, of initiatives aimed at reducing underage sales. The research also attempted to explore whether under 16s understood the reasons for the age restrictions on the National Lottery.

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