Understanding the convergence of markets in online sports betting


Betting on sports via online platforms has rapidly become a popular form of gambling in many countries. Despite the growing body of research investigating the psychosocial and individual
psychological factors determining gambling behaviour, much less attention has been devoted to understanding the market characteristics of online sports betting and its intersection with
products from adjacent industries.

From an economic convergence perspective, the present paper explores the integration of online sports betting within the digital, sporting and gambling
sectors, examining how data markets, eSports, virtual sports, social gaming, immersive reality tools, sports media, sport sponsorship, fantasy sports, in-venue and in-stadium betting, poker and
trading are all converging around betting activity. Through this convergence process, it is argued that internet-based sports gambling is colonizing different forms of entertainment, and expanding
marketing opportunities, as well as raising psychosocial concerns about the influence of such an integration process.

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