Vietnamese Americans and gambling: The influence of stress, acculturative stress, and coping


Asian Americans comprise a huge portion of the clientele at California casinos. According to one casino, Pechanga Resort and Casino, 50% of their clientele are Asian Americans (Bennett, 2005). Previous research on Asian Americans and problem gambling suggested that they are more likely to meet criteria for pathological gambling as compared to the general population (Lesieur et al., 1991). However, little research has been conducted on Vietnamese Americans and gambling problems. The current study examined the relationship of stress, acculturative stress, and coping to problem gambling among Vietnamese Americans. Participants included 162 self-identified Vietnamese Americans who completed measures on problem gambling, acculturative stress, stress, engagement coping, and disengagement coping.

Results suggest that Vietnamese Americans who have a problem with gambling were more likely to use disengagement coping. The findings for stress and problem gambling in Vietnamese Americans were mixed. Participants in the paper-and-pencil group who had a problem with gambling were more likely to have a higher level of stress. While there were no significant findings between stress and gambling in the online participant group. The explanation for these findings and additional findings are discussed. Furthermore, limitations, clinical implications, and suggestions for future research are discussed.

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