Workplace risk and protective factors for gambling problems among gambling industry employees


Having a stable healthy workforce is beneficial for the gambling industry, yet this workforce has comparatively high problem gambling rates. This study assesses the contribution of workplace risk and protective factors to gambling problems among gambling venue employees. Australian gambling industry employees (N = 551) completed a survey measuring gambling behavior, problem gambling, and factors that may influence gambling. The study identifies five risk factors relating to problem gambling development - workplace motivators, influence of colleagues, workplace triggers, limited social opportunities, and familiarity and interest in gambling. Two protective factors are identified - exposed to gambling losses and problems and influence of colleagues. In addressing gambling problems, one factor - discouragement to address a gambling problem - distinguishes the problem gambler group. One factor - encouragement to address a gambling problem - provides protection for the staff. This is the first empirical attempt to quantify workplace factors and their relationships with gambling problems. The identification of risk and protective factors in gambling venues may prompt healthier workplace practices and effective prevention and treatment programs.

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