Betting Shops – UK – July 2005


Even with the rapid growth of Internet and telephone betting, the traditional betting shop continues to be the most popular betting channel in the UK. In 2004 UK betting shops experienced a 72% increase in the total value of stakes placed from the previous year. A wide range of factors will influence the future performance of the betting shop market in the UK. Principle among these is the Gambling Bill, which came into effect in April 2005. This Bill will allow betting in other venues such as casinos and also abolishes restrictions on the issuing of licenses and on advertising by betting shops operators. Another major development is the June 2005 acquisition of Stanley Leisure betting shops by William Hill, which has made the company the market leader in number of sites. Bringing together the most innovative consumer research and latest market analysis, Mintel's new report offers you all the insight and inspiration you need for designing clever, creative and profitable marketing strategies. Findings include: 57% of adult respondents who have placed a bet in the last twelve months chose to do so at a retail outlet. 24% of respondents stated that they do not feel comfortable going into a betting shop to place a bet, with 20% agreeing that the environment can be intimidating for those who have never previously placed a bet. Horse racing is the most popular type of betting for those recent punters who have received tips from friends or colleagues, with some 71% of this group claiming to have bet on a horse race in the past year.

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