Evaluating the impact of the ‘My-Play’ system in Nova Scotia. Phase 1: Regular VL player benchmark survey


BACKGROUND: In 2010, the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation introduced the My-Play System, which is intended to help no- and low-risk VLT players manage and monitor their gambling. In an effort to determine the impact of the system on high-risk and problem gamblers, the first phase of a multiphase study measured players' behaviours and attitudes before and after the implementation of the My-Play System. In the first phase, 500 regular VLT players were surveyed about their gambling attitudes and behaviours. FINDINGS: Preliminary results from phase one suggest that high-risk and problem VLT players are more predisposed to take advantage of the system and the features than low- and no-risk players are. CONSCLUSION: In order to evaluate any changes in VLT players' gambling attitudes and behaviours associated with the use of the My-Play System, the study's second phase will revisit the original VLT players and a randomly selected control group to compare the first phase findings.

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