How to quit or reduce your gambling: Personal workbook


This treatment program will suggest to you a number of techniques and strategies to help you cut back your gambling to a healthy level or, if you prefer, to quit gambling entirely. You will find this program helpful even if you have just begun to experience problems as a result of your gambling but did not think it was serious enough to seek intensive treatment, go to Gamblers Anonymous, or attend a gambling treatment centre. If this is the case, then completing this program may prevent you from developing a more serious problem in the future. This program differs from some other treatment programs for gamblers in the following ways: Studies have shown that most clients attend treatment an average of 6 times, which is why this Program has been structured so that the bulk of the treatment can be completed in about 6 weeks. This Workbook summarizes the most effective ways to help someone trying to overcome a gambling habit. As you may have noticed, each of the Treatment Topics includes a short description, some information for you to think about, and an exercise for you to work on.

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