Literature review to inform social marketing objectives and approaches, and behaviour change indicators, to prevent and minimise gambling harm


This report provides an overview of gambling and other bodies of literature relevant to the development of social marketing objectives and approaches to prevent and minimise gambling harm in New Zealand. The Health Sponsorship Council (HSC) commissioned the report and specified eight objectives. Each objective is addressed as a separate section. The report includes conclusions reached from the overall review. Conclusions of the report: It would be appropriate to develop a social marketing approach to gambling but to be effective it will need to be theory driven, evidence-based, multi-modal and incorporate the essential elements of social marketing outlined in this report. It is recommended that the approach embraces the principles of Partnership, Participation and Protection derived from the Treaty of Waitangi. It is considered timely to initiate a comprehensive, well-resourced social marketing programme in New Zealand, in the context of the roll out and enforcement of the requirements of the Gambling Act 2003.

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