Problem gambling intervention services in New Zealand: 2007 service user statistics


This report presents and summarises the data collected by problem gambling service providers in 2007. It provides an overview of clients who have sought help via Gambling Helpline Ltd (the Helpline) and face-to-face problem gambling services during that period. Among new full intervention gambler clients in 2007: The primary mode of harmful gambling cited by most clients remained non-casino gaming machines (66.8%). This percentage was comparable to 2006. The proportion who cited casino gaming machines as their primary mode of problem gambling dropped in 2007 to 9.7% (from 17.1% in 2006). A higher percentage of female (78.7%) than male (57.9%) clients cited non-casino gaming machines as their primary mode of harmful gambling. At first assessment, only 27.1% of reassessed clients reported being in control or mostly in control of their gambling. At reassessment, this figure had increased to 77.5%.

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