The costs and benefits of gaming: A summary report from the literature review


This summary report outlines in brief some of the key findings of the GPI Atlantic literature review in order to provide a reference and policy tool for Nova Scotia gaming and health officials, researchers, and policy makers. It is hoped that it will be a useful starting point for further work in this area, and that the results from the existing evidence summarized here can be practically applied to decisions and priorities in the policy and research realms. The following summary of the literature review covers five main areas: methodological difficulties in determining the costs and benefits of gaming, as debated among researchers; a summary of research needs and data gaps that can suggest research priorities for further research and data collection; a summary of the relative risk ratios for costs associated with problem gambling as identified in particular international studies; a brief review of potential policy implications, interventions, and regulation strategies cited in the literature; and a framework listing the major costs and benefits of gaming identified in the literature, which can be used in future cost-benefit studies as well as to evaluate existing and prospective studies in the field.

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