The impact of gaming machines on small regional economies: Final report


The primary objective of this study has been to estimate quantitatively the overall net impact of gaming machines on regional economies (i.e., economic and social impact). The study takes up from where the Productivity Commission's Australia's Gambling Industries study stopped, specifically, that the national estimate of the overall impact of gambling activities was of 'limited usefulness for policy' because, inter alia, "there are likely to be considerable differences in net outcomes among the States and Territories, and in particular, at the regional or local government levels, especially when tax flows are taken into account". There are also significant differences between States and Territories in the ownership and the structure of the industry and the mobility pattern of electronic gaming machines. The Centre employed a variety of methodological approaches in the study to ensure that policy issues were highlighted and that economic and social impacts were thoroughly assessed. Some components of our methodology were forwarded to the Productivity Commission for overview and comment.

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